Detect. Decrypt. Deter.

Encryption Orchestration without Compromise

Nearly all Network Traffic is Encrypted.
And Encryption Standards are Getting Tougher.

While encryption is great for ensuring privacy and data protection, current security tools are “blind” to threats carried by encrypted connections. And that gives bad actors a method to infiltrate networks.

Today, with enterprise networking moving to the cloud, and workers moving to the home, a whole new set of challenges is forcing compromises between privacy and security.

The Word “Mira” Indicates Visibility.

Mira Encrypted Traffic Orchestration (ETO) enables enterprises to remove this “blind spot” by providing visibility into unencrypted traffic for the full range of security and analytic tools being used. The Mira solution addresses encryption challenges and removes bottlenecks today, and can scale with the architectures of tomorrow.

Mira provides safe and secure visibility into encrypted traffic allowing the tools used by enterprise security teams to function effectively

Mira Default Actions Screen


Mira ETO software enables the enterprise security stack to detect and mitigate threats while ensuring that privacy and compliance requirements can be met.

  • Automatically detect all SSL/TLS and SSH traffic in the network, no matter what ports are being used
  • Capable of decrypting SSL v3, TLS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3, as well as SSHv2
  • Transparent to the higher-level protocols being carried on top of the encrypted layer providing decrypted flows to security tools for any existing or future protocols

Mira seamlessly integrates with existing security tools to protect your investments

  • Policy control over which encrypted traffic is made visible allows compliance with industry requirements and enterprise policies on data privacy
  • Policy control over which encryption mechanisms are allowed in the enterprise network to prevent weak or obsolete methods from being used
  • Comprehensive logging enables the enterprise to analyse encrypted traffic within the network and derive actionable changes to operational policy
  • Scaling from a sub 1G for branch offices and micro edge locations to nearly 100G allows for growth and supports the collapsing of data centers.
Mira Policy Rules Overview Screen

Enterprises need to balance security risks of not decrypting traffic with the privacy implications of doing so.

Mira ensures that balance is achieved.

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