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Mira Security Encrypted Traffic Orchestration can enable your network security systems to properly monitor traffic and detect threats that they would otherwise miss due to encryption.

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Mira ETO Product Brief


Mira Security Encrypted Traffic Orchestration

Encrypted traffic has become ubiquitous in networks today, delivering privacy and protecting users’ data. However, encrypting data also creates a new set of security issues for enterprises, as existing security mechanisms are “blind” to any threats carried by encrypted connections. The Mira ETO software enables an enterprise to remove this “blind spot” by providing visibility into the unencrypted connection for the full range of security and analytic tools being used.

Mira Virtual ETO Product Brief


Mira Security Virtual Encrypted Traffic Orchestration

Mira Virtual Encrypted Traffic Orchestration (vETO) software provides safe and secure visibility into encrypted traffic allowing the tools used by enterprise security teams to function effectively, even when all the important traffic is encrypted. Enabling the enterprise security stack to detect and mitigate threats while providing features to enable privacy and ensure compliance requirements can be met is central to Mira vETO software.

Mira Security Without Visibility Whitepaper


Without Visibility, There is No Security

These days all network traffic is encrypted making the job of security tools significantly more difficult as threats are hidden inside the encrypted traffic flow. This paper looks at the reasons why visibility into encrypted traffic may be required by an enterprise and then considers the technical mechanisms available to provide such visibility to security tools as well as network performance management tools. The benefits and drawbacks of different approaches are discussed with examples of what an enterprise deployment may look like.

Mira Security Architecture Matters Whitepaper


Architecture Matters when Choosing a TLS Visibility Solution

Gaining visibility into encrypted traffic, primarily TLS, in order to detect and prevent cybersecurity threats is an important part of an Enterprise security strategy. In order to protect against these attacks, security devices need the ability to see inside encrypted flows in order to detect and block threats.The focus of this paper is on the differing ways that security tools can gain visibility into TLS traffic flows and the strengths and weaknesses of the architectures underpinning these approaches.

Joint Solution Brief


Empowering Comprehensive Security and Visibility with Mira Security’s ETO and Corelight’s Open NDR Platform

Together, Corelight’s Open NDR and Mira’s ETO form an exceptional solution, offering both scalability and adaptability.

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Axellio, Garland Technology, and Mira Security Provide Comprehensive Network Security through Total Visibility into Any Encrypted Traffic

Together, Mira Security, Axellio, and Garland Technology provide a centralized, scalable, and affordable solution to decrypt enterprise traffic for full analysis while enhancing access to richer event data for forensic analysis.

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Mira Security / Garland Technology Joint Solution Brief


Garland Technology and Mira Security Provide Complete Network Access and Visibility into TLS Traffic

Together, Garland Technology and Mira Security are capable of increasing performance and enhancing the effectiveness of your security and monitoring tools by removing any blind spots in the enterprise network.

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Enhancing Encrypted Traffic Visibility: The Joint Solution of Mira Security and Garland Technology

Mira Security’s David Wells discusses the importance of visibility into encrypted network traffic for threat detection. Mira Security specializes in decrypting traffic, feeding unencrypted data to the security stack for enhanced detection capabilities. When combined with Garland Technology’s solutions, enterprise security, and network management stacks become significantly more powerful.

Mira-Trelix Joint Solution Brief doc


Trellix partners with Mira Security Encrypted Traffic Orchestrator (ETO) to give you optimal security and visibility

Mira Security’s ETO is a leading decryption technology that can augment the Trellix platform (either as a virtual or physical appliance), providing visibility into encrypted traffic by decrypting TLS/SSL and SSH traffic flows.

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Solution Brief Doc


Mira Encrypted Traffic Orchestrator (ETO) and Stamus Security Platform (SSP) Solution Offers Visibility into TLS Traffic

This paper describes the powerful combination of network decryption from Mira Security and network detection and response from Stamus Networks.

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Using Mira Encrypted Traffic Orchestrator to enhance Declaration of Compromise with Stamus SSP

This video will showcase how to enhance your threat hunting capabilities by utilizing the Stamus Security Platform Declaration of Compromise and Mira’s Encrypted Traffic Orchestrator.

Solution Brief Doc


Mira ETO and Suricata Solution to Give You Optimal Security and Visibility

Mira Security’s Encrypted Traffic Orchestrator (ETO) decrypts that SSL/TLS traffic and gives visibility by delivering the traffic flows to Suricata, which is able to inspect this traffic and take action on it.

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mnemonic AS Podcast

Episode 66: Encrypted Traffic Management

TLS, SSL, HTTP, keys, authentication, clients, servers and ciphers – encryption is complicated.

To help shed some light on how enterprises can remove the “blind spot” of encrypted network communication, we’ve invited David Wells, co-founder of Netronome and Mira Security, who is a pioneer in the SSL/SSH inspection space.

David explains why being able to see and analyze encrypted traffic is necessary in order to gain full security value out of your network data, and shares his experiences since he inadvertently invented a tool for SSL inspection in 2003.

Maintaining High Network Availability with Mira Security & Garland Technology

In this video, we will be showing how to maintain a high network availability when the Mira ETO is connected to the network as an Inline Appliance via the EdgeLens Focus Inline Security Packet Broker from Garland Technologies.

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Security, Encryption & Visibility – Once Upon a Time in London

Event by Jan Khodabaksh, January 20, 2023

On this show they were joined by special guests David Beckett and Mikko Kiukkanen from Mira Security. David and Mikko provided a high-level overview on the topic of encryption, visibility, and some of the problems Mira Security help to solve. An open discussion followed covering:

  • An overview of a simple/common encryption flow
  • The common challenges
  • Some common use case scenarios
  • Customers using FWs or LB to solve the problem
  • Why should organizations use this device?
  • Proprietary technology; what is the differentiator?
  • Without mentioning names, why is Mira the product of choice?
  • How do we tackle this problem in the Cloud?
  • Is this primarily to solve performance problem or satisfy a particular security posture

Venafi Machine Identity Management Summit 2022: Encrypted Traffic Inspection in Today’s Enterprise

Mira Security’s David Wells’ presentation focused on how security teams can architect for visibility into encrypted traffic for TLS and SSH in 2022 and beyond. TLS 1.3 has brought many new questions; but, still, most of the needs for visibility in and out of organizations is for TLS 1.2 visibility. And we are now faced with new questions like, “How does visibility fit in to a zero trust strategy?” and, “How to address new cloud-native architectures?” Security teams need to know why an encrypted traffic strategy is still required by the enterprise, how it is done safely, what is changing in the standards, and how this impacts visibility solutions. There are so many questions, and this session gets to the answers for all of them.