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About Mira Security

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Mira Security has a global team with strong backgrounds in cybersecurity and networking that have been working on, and deploying decryption technology for over ten years. Our mission is to provide visibility into network traffic as our customers transition to higher speeds and new architectures, and to eliminate the compromise between privacy and security along their journey. We build lasting relationships with our valued customers and partners, and deliver innovative encryption software and products.

Mira Company Road Map

The Mira Security Leadership Team

Niel Viljoen

Niel Viljoen has been active in the computing and networking equipment industry for the past 30 years. Prior to Netronome, Niel was an active business angel, investing in, amongst others, Nujira, Intune, and Azuro. He has served on the boards of Nujira and Intune pre-acquisition.

Between 2000 and 2001, Niel was CTO of the Marconi group. Niel joined Marconi after the acquisition of FORE Systems. At FORE, Niel’s roles included Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Service Provider Division, Senior Vice President Product Marketing, Vice President Engineering, Senior Director and General Manager of the Adapter group. Niel joined FORE through the acquisition of Nemesys Ltd, where he was the CEO. Nemesys developed a range of video encoding devices for broadband networks. Prior to that, Niel developed and created a number of businesses, developing products like network security devices and large distributed memory processor complexes.

Niel has received a number of industry awards. He attended the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa and Cambridge University in the UK. Niel is a member of the ACM. He has been a keynote speaker at numerous technology events and has received several industry awards. Niel also holds a number of patents in the field.

Johann Tönsing

Johann is a recognized industry expert with more than 30 years of experience in network and file security, SmartNICs, SDN, network virtualization and NFV.

Johann has been an active contributing member and has been nominated to leadership roles in multiple related standards bodies and holds a number of patents in these fields.

As Mira Security’s CTO, Johann leads all aspects of Mira’s architecture, product design and development. Previously Johann designed, developed, planned and marketed security, networking, multimedia and IoT products at companies like Marconi, FORE Systems and Nanoteq.

Johann holds a Masters of Engineering in Electronics.

Perry J. Grace

Perry has over 30 years of experience in the finance and high-tech industries. Prior to Mira, Perry served as CFO of Zilog, where he drove significant revenue growth prior to its acquisition by Ixys Inc. Prior to that, Perry was CFO of Ramp Networks where he led an IPO and successful acquisition by Nokia. Perry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, Business Law and Computer Science from Deakin University in Geelong, Australia, and was admitted to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

David Wells

David is an experienced executive with 35+ years of experience in networking, security, wireless technologies and standards development in companies ranging from startups to global businesses.

David spent the last decade working in product management roles in the networking and cyber security space with VP positions at Netronome (where he was one of the founders), Blue Coat and Symantec. Having driven the development of the Netronome SSL Inspector product line, David was responsible for its integration into Blue Coat after an acquisition and then managed its continuing development within Blue Coat and, subsequently, Symantec.

Prior to Netronome, David was EVP & CTO for the wireless division at Marconi, Corporate Strategist at Tellabs, Senior Technology Analyst at GDC, and Customer services manager at Netcomm.

During his career, David has been involved with the development and standardization of numerous technologies in bodies such as ITU, Frame Relay Forum, ATM Forum and IETF. He is also the author of multiple patents.

David has a track record of translating new technologies into successful products and in managing the teams needed to achieve this in companies both small and large while also developing partnerships with other organizations to create the standards and ecosystems needed for successful solutions in today’s rapidly evolving world.