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Mira Security Events

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Encrypted Traffic Inspection in Today’s Enterprise

Mira Security’s David Wells – Head of Product Strategy, will be presenting on October 11 at 12:10 p.m. ET at the Venafi Virtual Machine Identity Management Summit 2022. 

David’s presentation will focus on how security teams can architect for visibility into encrypted traffic for TLS and SSH in 2022 and beyond. TLS 1.3 has brought many new questions; but, still, most of the needs for visibility in and out of organizations is for TLS 1.2 visibility. And we are now faced with new questions like, “How does visibility fit in to a zero trust strategy?” and, “How to address new cloud-native architectures?” Security teams need to know why an encrypted traffic strategy is still required by the enterprise, how it is done safely, what is changing in the standards, and how this impacts visibility solutions. There are so many questions, and this session will get to the answers for all of them.

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Wednesday-Friday November 9-11, 2022
Grand Hyatt Athens, Athens, Greece

SuriCon is an annual open source technology community conference that highlights discussions and developments relative to Suricata, the powerful intrusion detection and prevention tool. Throughout the span of three days, SuriCon showcases speakers from around the globe who provide their expertise and insight into how best to maximize the application of Suricata’s technology. Attendees have the opportunity to network with sponsors, discuss new applications and knowledge during poster sessions, & mingle freely in a more relaxed environment than the usual virtual space Suricata users often occupy. SuriCon also hosts an add-on option for advanced hands-on training sessions which take place throughout the two days prior to the general sessions. These are led by Suricata developers.

Mira Security News

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Addressing Visibility Challenges with TLS 1.3

Mira Security is working with the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST’s) National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) on the Addressing Visibility Challenges with TLS 1.3 Project. This project builds upon the NCCoE’s previous project, “TLS Server Certificate Management,” which showed organizations how to centrally monitor and manage their TLS certificates. This latest project will give security and IT professionals the tools they need to gain more visibility into the information being exchanged on their servers and to help them fully adopt TLS 1.3 in their private data centers and in hybrid cloud environments. NIST does not evaluate commercial products under this consortium and does not endorse any product or service used.

mnemonic AS Podcast

Episode 66: Encrypted Traffic Management

TLS, SSL, HTTP, keys, authentication, clients, servers and ciphers – encryption is complicated.

To help shed some light on how enterprises can remove the “blind spot” of encrypted network communication, we’ve invited David Wells, co-founder of Netronome and Mira Security, who is a pioneer in the SSL/SSH inspection space.

David explains why being able to see and analyze encrypted traffic is necessary in order to gain full security value out of your network data, and shares his experiences since he inadvertently invented a tool for SSL inspection in 2003.

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