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Axellio, Garland Technology, and Mira Security Join Forces to Provide Comprehensive Decryption and Network Visibility Solution

Pittsburgh, PA January 9, 2024 – Axellio®, Garland Technology and Mira Security today announced a joint collaboration to introduce a groundbreaking solution for network security to enable reliable visibility into TLS 1.3-encrypted network traffic. This partnership marks a significant advancement in addressing the challenges of decrypting and analyzing encrypted network traffic, vital for security operations and forensic analysis.

The solution uniquely integrates Garland Technology’s EdgeLens®, a leading hybrid TAP and network packet broker providing reliable traffic capture and visibility distribution, Mira’s Encrypted Traffic Orchestrator providing high-scale TLS 1.3 and other protocol decryption, and Axellio’s PacketXpress®, to simultaneously capture, store, and distribute traffic efficiently and reliably at extremely high speeds to various analysis applications. This solution offers a centralized, scalable, and affordable solution to decrypt the traffic for all your analysis needs while enhancing access to richer event data for forensic analysis.

This innovative joint offering enables detection of encrypted traffic anywhere in the network, whether physical, virtual, or in the cloud. It guarantees no-loss capture at over 100 Gbps for any SSL and TLS encryption protocols, especially the latest TLS 1.3 protocol. The solution features adaptive traffic distribution and balancing for multiple active and passive analysis applications, creating a seamless integration of technologies for enhanced network visibility and security.

“By collaborating with industry leaders Garland Technology and Mira Security, we have developed an integrated solution that sets a new standard for decrypting, analyzing, and securing network traffic,” said Scott Aken, CEO, Axellio. “This partnership underlines our dedication to advancing cybersecurity and equipping organizations with the tools needed to navigate the complex digital threat environment, particularly with the advent of the new TLS 1.3 protocol.”

“With the predominance of encrypted traffic that is in today’s networks, this joint effort signifies a commitment to pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity and empowering organizations with robust solutions to navigate the evolving landscape of digital threats,” said Niel Viljoen, CEO, Mira Security. “We are pleased to work alongside our partners Garland and Axellio in this endeavor.”

“The partnership with Mira Security and Axellio highlights the importance of Garland’s TAP to Tool philosophy,” said Chris Bihary, CEO/Co-Founder, Garland Technology. “It is by creating partnerships like these that we are able to show the true value of our technology and ensure organizations build their security stacks with a foundation of visibility.”

About Axellio

Axellio® provides extreme high-performance, scalable, compact, economical, and simultaneous time-series data ingest, storage and distribution solutions for the defense and intelligence community at speeds exceeding 100 Gbps. Axellio’s PacketXpress® platform focuses on network traffic packet capture, distribution, and analysis for cybersecurity monitoring and forensic analysis, and is operationally deployed with the US Army worldwide. For intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance applications (ISR), Axellio’s SensorXpressTM offers ingestion and storage of RF data from sensors and distributes it to analysis applications simultaneously at rates exceeding 100 Gbps. Learn more about Axellio at www.Axellio.com.

About Garland Technology

Garland Technology is an industry leader of IT and OT network solutions for enterprise, critical infrastructures, and government agencies worldwide. Since 2011, Garland Technology has been engineering and manufacturing simple, reliable, and affordable Network TAPs and Network Packet Brokers in Richardson, Texas. For help identifying the right IT / OT network visibility solutions for projects large and small, or to learn more about the inventor of the first bypass technology, visit GarlandTechnology.com or @garland-technology-llc on LinkedIn.

About Mira Security

Mira Security’s mission is to provide visibility into network traffic as our customers transition to higher speeds and new architectures, and to eliminate the compromise between privacy and security along their journey. We will build lasting relationships with our valued customers and partners and deliver innovative encryption software and products. Mira Security’s products are developed in labs in Pittsburgh, PA and Centurion, South Africa. To learn more about Mira Security and its products, please visit www.mirasecurity.com.

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