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As we enter 2023, Mira Security will face some exciting challenges and substantial new opportunities.

The market for encryption visibility and analytics continues to expand as more attacks happen. ZScaler states, “Encrypted attacks remain a significant problem for countries around the globe, with the U.S., India and Japan seeing the biggest increases in attacks over the last 12 months. In addition, South Africa has seen a notable increase in TLS/SSL attacks compared to 2021.” What’s interesting is that South Africa has supplanted France in the ZScalers ratings.

Mira’s new products and technologies that will be introduced in 2023 moves Mira from encryption visibility to delivering greater insight into encrypted traffic. However, we will remain focused on encrypted traffic as our specialty, and will continue to co-operate with other applications to make this information available. Our family of products will extend our growth and evolution with changes in standards and use cases, in addition to offering greater insight into the encrypted environment.

Over the coming weeks, I will dig into greater detail discussing the changes in the standards and use cases, as well as elaborate on the new products being introduced this year.

New Products for 2023

On the new products front, we will introduce the Cloud-based Central Manager, which is currently being tested by key customers. This allows us to manage large numbers of Encrypted Traffic Orchestrators (ETOs) – both virtual and appliance versions – in private or public clouds.

This technology also forms a base for Mira to add greater value for the CISO and CIO in the form of simple actionable intelligence as to what is occurring in their encryption environment. There will be new products and applications in this space that will hit the market in 2023.

Standards Update

On the standards setting front, Mira and some of its OEMs are actively working with NIST towards building “usage models” for encryption visibility in enterprise security applications. This will enable enterprises to face the new challenges being brought in the security market. In fact, Mira has introduced new features in a new release as a result of this collaboration.

All in all, Mira faces an interesting year ahead with significant growth in business and products. Stay tuned for more in the weeks ahead.